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Once upon a time there was a very happy couple. They had not a fairy-tale life, one of their four children being too soon diagnosed with a fatal, progressive disease SMA (spinal muscular atrophy), confining her to a wheelchair at age 2 and to constant care (exercise, lifting, positioning in sleep, even sitting, as she is like a rag-doll, limp but lively and bright). It was hard but they had each other to share their fears nad hopes, the work and care, the constant love they had for each other. And then the Fate struck again - her innocent husband was killed in a traffic accident. She stayed alone to face and fight her Destiny...

We, her virtual friends, decided to help her, if not by offering our distand hands, then at least by offering our art to collect some money to patch the most urgent needs of her family, especially the expensive sitting and moving aids for her lovely Klara.

Here is a Diny`s blog (only in czech)

můžete pomoci a koupit ZDE
you can help and buy HERE

blogtrain - start ZDE/HERE

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